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Recent Publications

Arikan, A., & Tekşener, Ş. (2022). Cosmopolitanism in James Clarence Mangan's Prose. Forum for World Literature Studies, 14(3), 488-500.

Saraç Durgun, H. S. (2022). From Syntax to Stylistics: A Case Study of Selected Haikus. Academic Journal of Modern Philology, 15, 167-177.

Demir, M. Y., & Saraç Durgun, H. S. (2022). Defamiliarization through Modality of Discourse: Waiting for Godot. Philologica Canariensia 28, 23-36.

Yılmaz, M., & Saraç Durgun, H. S. (2022). Representation of Gender Roles in a TV Commercial Series in Turkey: A Critical Discourse Analysis. Journal of Human and Social Sciences, 5(1), 41-55.

Çelen, E., & Saraç Durgun, H. S. (2022). Construction of Femininity and Masculinity through Language in Doris Lessing's The Cleft. Literary Voice, 17(1), 7-12.


Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve academic excellence and to educate students with solid knowledge of the English language and literature. To do that, we offer courses and plan activities in English and American literature, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, arts and cultures, and social responsibility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to the field of literary studies in general and English literature in particular. Also, it is our vision to create a teaching force that embodies excellent language and interpersonal skills.


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